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Galvanising spray 400ml

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Product Details

Arecal Galva Zinc Premium is a zinc/aluminium combination spray with excellent suitability for touching up hot-dip galvanised parts on construction sites or in workshops

Field of Application:

Has an optimally suitable shade for all touch-up work; can be painted over easily; temperature resistant to 300°C Thoroughly shake can until mixing balls are clearly audible. Clean the parts being worked on and spray several times from a distance of 15 to 20 cm. The product contains over 90% zinc in the dry film.In conformity with EN ISO 1461, the layer thickness of the touch-up area should be 30 µm thicker than the locally encountered thickness of the hot-dip galvanisation. Take brief pauses between individual spray processes for intermediate drying.


The epoxy resin ester binder, in combination with the metallic zinc and aluminium pigment, guarantees good corrosion protection even in aggressive atmospheres. With suitability test as per DIN EN ISO 1461 dust-dry: approx. 10 mindry to touch: approx. 30 min.

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